A B O U T  U S


My name is Zita, I am a Hungarian mom with Spanish soul, living with my husband and son in Salzburg, Austria. During and after my studies I lived in different places in Spain - from Madrid to Vigo to Granada. During these years I had the opportunity to really get to know this beautiful country and the culture. From the beginning I felt very connected to the country, the people and the Spanish culture. 

Although I have been working in multinational companies for many years, since I became a Mom of a wonderful son, I knew that I want to start my own business. 

My fascination with Spanish children's clothing began even before I was pregnant, when I visited Spain for the first time and saw the children so attractively dressed on the streets and even on the playgrounds. I knew that I would like to dress my children one day just like that. For Spaniards, a dress or a shirt means more than just a piece of clothing. So does for us, too.

H O W W O U L D  I  D E S C R I B E S P A N I S H  B A B Y F A S H I O N?

Unique, traditional and at the same time fashionable 

Bright, harmonised colours 

High quality fabrics and designs 

Beautifully made with loving details 

Child friendly and durable 

W H Y      C H O O S E                            B O M B O N C I T O  A N D   B U Y   S P A N I S H B A B Y C L O T H E S?

There are many reasons, perhaps the most important: quality and timeless style. 

If you want to buy something special for your child or send a gift to a friend's newborn baby, you can choose from many beautiful items for every season and occasion in my online web-shop. 

I am looking forward to your virtual visit in the Bomboncito Shop!